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Changing How We Re-Skill in the Age of Automation

A host of major new technologies and principles is popping up all at once in the IT industry, and everyone is struggling to adapt. It is even getting harder to reliably upskill employees with abilities that are sure to still be useful in a few years’ time. In an article for InformationWeek, Rostow Ravanan, CEO of Mindtree, discusses how to rethink approaches to training.

Accessing More Skills Quicker

Employees increasingly do not need to bother with menial or repetitive tasks anymore because automation is taking care of it. The work that remains is often creative and/or challenging, and the skills required to meet challenges keep changing. In order to match the pace of change, Ravanan suggests an iterative approach to learning, where people get to learn at their own individual pace:

One of the solutions we have rolled out is a homegrown digital learning platform, called Yorbit. Yorbit today has more than 1,000 courses covering 500 skills needed for the digital engineer of tomorrow and is being updated continuously. Yorbit facilitates self-paced, any time learning. Employees are being trained for digital technologies such as machine learning, big data, mobile, cloud and new-age engineering methods such as dev ops, agile, and design thinking.

We have also developed a curriculum to identify adjacent skills related to jobs being eliminated. The key is to identify a skill that keeps that employee feeling challenged and brings value to your organization. That infrastructure engineer whose role is obsolete may be best equipped to learn writing scripts as an adjacent skill.

Not everyone should suddenly start using Yorbit, but companies should start building adaptive curricula that target skill areas that are critical to their business. Especially if skill requirements keep changing, learning should be presented in a modular way to de-risk the financial investment of providing learning.

For a longer discussion, you can view the original article here:

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