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Four Common Project Portfolio Dashboard Mistakes

Why are portfolio dashboards necessary? Portfolio dashboards track the metrics, as well as the progress, within an organization. The dashboards help to keep the big picture alive and vivid so that the organization can stay on target. In a post for PM Hut, Kristyn Medeiros elaborates on some mistakes to avoid when it comes to using portfolio dashboards. There are four common ones to keep in mind:

  1. The information may not be useful.
  2. The dashboard is stale.
  3. There is too much or too little detail.
  4. You are only making manual dashboards.

How to Crashboard

The dashboard itself is a fairly easy thing to make, but what is difficult is constructing one that contains useful information. Every report from the dashboard provides important information for making business decisions. Ensure that the information is beneficial and will further any future discussions.

Life is a constant ball of change, and so should be the dashboard. The dashboard does not need to stay the same year after year, nor should it. Liven it up and make sure it is reflecting and producing the information that is important in the present. Relevance is key in this area.

Starting on the smaller scale is a great idea and will surely help for your organization to establish a dashboard worthwhile, but eventually it needs to grow. Constant discussion needs to take place to decide if there is too much information or not enough. Dashboards need to convey information to their audience and spark a conversation. If this is not happening, then perhaps there needs to be some adaptation in the amount of information.

Lastly, dashboards do not need to be manually created every time. Apps can help in the creation, maintenance, management, and distribution of most dashboards. Yes, manual dashboards are quite common in the beginning, but they are not convenient for long-term use.

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