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Support Provision and the Changing Landscape of the Service Desk

The IT service desk has been an incredible asset to company employees over the years, helping them make the most of the organization’s IT assets. But the nature of that interaction is changing. From the emergence of new trends like BYOD and self-service portals to ineffective delivery of ITSM value, Stuart Facey writing for the ITSM Review argues that key performance indicators (KPIs) are in sore need of an update. With new changes to performance monitoring, the IT service desk has an opportunity to prove its value once more.

For Starters, Categorizing Calls

Step One to differentiating ITSM’s future from its past is to stop using first-time fixes as the only means of demonstrating value. Instead, categorizing calls is a good step in the right direction. It may take time, but through this method one can learn useful information such as customers’ preferred methods of communication (i.e. – chat versus email versus phone consult).

From Quantitative to Qualitative

There are different approaches to improving ITSM that might involve, on one hand, getting a grasp of common user issues and crafting a consistent customer support experience. On the other hand, there are advantages to a flexible service desk that can handle a diverse set of requests. The main problem with how service desks are currently run, says Facey, has to do with an excessive focus on quantitative results:

Setting out new KPIs involves looking at what the customer expectations are around service, as well as what the company or organisation wants to deliver. This is a very different approach to the quantitative approach that many service desks are used to. Instead, it has to be more qualitative. Often, there will be larger company goals that will help frame KPIs in the right way.

Tips and Tactics

For handling individual sessions, Facey recommends involving third-party experts in transactions where the original service desk person cannot adequately assist. This tactic helps callers avoid an excruciating process of help desk phone tag. Additionally, he warns that the next generation of users will prefer more web-based interaction, and as a result, KPIs should be altered accordingly.

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